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Learn the knowledge and skills you need to lead, manage and accelerate your company’s growth.

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    We offer four key programs that teach you the critical knowledge, skills and values that enable you to take your company to the next level and allow you to bring your executive team along on the journey.

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    Growth Experts are carefully selected, current and former business owners, CEOs or Managing Directors who have experienced the full life-cycle of one or more growth companies.

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    Find out the latest on business growth and receive practical advice about how to grow your company. Our blogs cover the A to Z of what to do, when and in what order to achieve sustainable company growth.


“The program was mind-blowingly amazing. We were provided with tools we’d never seen before, and it’s completely changed the way that we operate our business. Absolutely every tool and piece of knowledge we were given has helped us to grow way beyond what we thought was possible. We literally applied everything we’d been taught. We couldn’t ignore it."

Karen Tsonidis
CEO, Energetiks

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“Attending the Growth Modules gave us clarity on our vision, our mission, our values and our strategic plan. From there we formed our leadership team, we also formed a Board and appointed a Chairman. We’ve now got a national footprint and we’re excited for the future because of the new opportunities we’ve identified and unlocked. I’d encourage every business owner to invest the time and learn how to grow their company.”

Ryan Turbill
CEO, Clique Logistics

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18% companies' annual revenue increase in FY22^
10% companies' annual profit increase in FY22^
13% companies' annual jobs increase in FY22^
26% companies' annual export increase in FY22^

^Based on one-year results of 263 companies who participated in Australian Centre for Business Growth programs and responded to our FY22 Growth Tracker Survey.

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Practical knowledge taught by Growth Experts who have started, grown and exited their own growth company.

Meet our Growth Experts

  • How to develop and execute a growth strategy that's appropriate for your company

  • What options are available to you to finance growth

  • How to choose the right marketing and sales strategies

  • When and how to develop innovative products and services

  • Why you need to track external impacts and learn how to mitigate risk

  • How to manage yourself as a leader during growth

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