Helping your company rebound and prepare for new growth

Our programs teach CEOs/MDs and executive teams the fundamental knowledge and skills required to build a strong and resilient organisation in the face of all uncertainty.

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What You’ll Learn

Through intensive business growth programs, we teach CEOs/MDs and their executive teams:

  • How to build an organisation that can sustain growth (e.g. hire the right people, create a culture for growth, develop infrastructure to support growth)
  • How to finance growth (e.g. when to take on debt or equity, from whom, under what conditions)
  • How to choose appropriate marketing and sales strategies (e.g. who to sell to, at what price, using which channels)
  • How to develop innovative products and services (e.g. what to sell and how to design it, develop and manufacture it)
  • How to track externalities that impact your business (e.g. tracking things that impact your business over which you have no control)
  • How to manage yourself as a leader through growth (e.g. how to keep growing as a person and as a leader)



New jobs created in FY19*


Revenue increase in FY19*


Profit increase in FY19*

*Aggregate results of 265 companies who responded to our FY18-19 Longitudinal Study.