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Globally recognised business growth content and resources presented in a one-day Assessment Clinic for business owners, CEOs and Managing Directors who are ready to grow their businesses, become better leaders, and expand their markets.

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  • Learn to Implement Proven Business Strategies
  • Get Tailored Advice from Growth Experts
  • Learn How To Build an Organisation That Can Sustain Growth
  • Grow as a Person and a Leader

What to expect at the Assessment Clinic

Two weeks before the Assessment Clinic, you will need to complete prep-work to ensure the Growth Experts have time to become familiar with your company and can provide the most value. During the Assessment Clinic, you will identify issues that are impeding growth and then create a plan for your personal growth as a leader and an Action Plan for your company.

  • Learn about what happens during growth, how your role changes as business owner, CEO or Managing Director, your responsibilities as a leader, and what you can do to fast-track growth.
  • Identify what prevents growth in your company and what you can do to accelerate it.
  • Discuss challenges of growth and connect with other like-minded business owner, CEO or Managing Director; learn from each other’s experiences and discuss your company’s inhibitors and opportunities during face-to-face and Zoom-enabled Clinics.
  • Use our comprehensive Action Planner with detailed content, tools and resources to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Stay on track via Growth Refreshers after you complete the Assessment Clinic.
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Advice from Growth Experts who have started, grown and exited their own companies

Our Growth Experts are carefully selected current and former business leaders who have experienced the full life-cycle of one or more growth companies. They teach and facilitate our structured programs and are passionate about helping you, as businesses owners, to learn what you need to know to achieve your growth goals.

Using their own experiences and insights gained through starting, growing and exiting their own companies, the Growth Experts review your prep-work, teach, facilitate discussion, provide feedback, and help you develop a Company Growth Action Plan as well as a personal Leadership Development Plan. We limit our face-to-face and Zoom-enabled Clinics to four to six business owners, CEOs or Managing Directors per session so that we can personalise the experience and ensure that each participant has the chance to address issues specific to their challenges and opportunities.

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Three flexible delivery modes to fit your schedule

The Clinic is offered via three different delivery modes:

  • Face to face – The face-to-face Clinic is delivered by Growth Experts in city and regional locations across Australia and encourages attendees to meet and network with other business owners, CEOs or Managing Directors in-person.
  • Zoom-enabled – The Zoom-enabled Clinics are delivered via video conference and taught by Growth Experts in real-time, suiting business owners, CEOs or Managing Directors who are not able to attend a face-to-face session but would like to engage with and learn from their peers.
  • Virtual/self-paced – The Virtual Clinic enables business owners, CEOs or Managing Directors who are not able to attend a scheduled face-to-face or Zoom-enabled Clinic to experience the Clinic in their own time, at their own pace via our online Growth Portal.

Each delivery mode includes the same learning resources and is taught by a Growth Expert, to help business owners, CEOs or Managing Directors identify what is stopping growth and develop strategies to accelerate growth. Those learning via Zoom-enabled or Virtual Clinics are required to complete the same prep-work as those attending face-to-face. In addition, Virtual Clinic attendees will receive a one-hour Growth Expert coaching call after submitting their personal Leadership Development Plan and Company Action Plan to discuss their own company’s growth.

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To be eligible for the Assessment Clinic:

  • You must be the business owner, CEO or MD of your organisation and have a desire to grow

  • You must have between 5* - 199 full time employees

  • You must have customers, products or services, revenue

Your Investment

The program fee of $5,000 (excl. GST) for face-to-face and Zoom enabled Assessment Clinics covers registration, prep work review, and facilitation by one of our Growth Experts. It also provides ongoing access to our refresher content after you have completed the Clinic, to allow you to continue your growth journey. Contact our team to find out pricing for our Virtual Assessment Clinic offering.

$5,000 Cost exclusive of GST. Some subsidies/scholarships available to eligible companies. Learn more below.

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