Our Research

The Centre’s research is focused on helping CEOs/MDs and their executive teams learn how to lead and manage sustainable growth – and go global.

Our Research

About Our Research

We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to study the small and medium sized companies, as well as the CEOs, MDs and Executive team members that participate in our programs. Our research results and reports are useful to CEOs, MDs, and service providers, as well as policy makers, and include:

  • Research on the characteristics of small (5-19 employees) and medium (20–199 employees) companies in Australia
  • Articles about why companies are or are or not growing, and typical problems CEO’s are having as they try to scale their companies
  • Analysis and reporting of the performance improvements in the small and medium sized companies attending our programs re revenue, profit, jobs, exports, and leadership.

We are the only Centre in the world focused on business growth with diagnostics, programs, a longitudinal data base on companies, and results. In 2017 the European Foundation for Management Development recognised the Australian Centre for Business Growth with an international award for Excellence in Practice and noted the impact of our programs on the CEO’s/MD’s, their executive team members and their companies.

Research To Help More Australian Companies Grow

In August of every year, the Australian Centre for Business Growth collects data from the CEOs of companies who have participated in Assessment Clinics and programs. This longitudinal data enables us to follow companies over time, chart their growth, and track the impact of our programs on each company.

We analyse this data, modify our programs as needed, add new ones, and publish articles with the goal of helping more CEOs of more companies learn how to identify the blockers to growth. Data in these articles is aggregated and no data is attributed to individual companies.

The Centre receives funding from various state agencies and sponsors, which underwrites the full cost of delivering Growth Workshops/Assessment Clinics to CEOs/MDs. These funds also partially subsidise the cost of delivering the Growth Modules to a select set of companies. In return, our program sponsors require us to track and report on the increases/decreases in their funded companies’ revenue, profit, employment, and exports so that they can better understand the economic benefits generated by companies that have completed our programs.

So in August of each year, participants will receive an email from the Centre with a link to the longitudinal data collection survey. Thank you, in advance, for sharing your data, your lessons learned, and answering our questions about your strategies for growth so we can help other CEOs/MDs and their executive teams learn to recognise challenges, develop appropriate strategies, and accelerate their growth.