Growth Modules

A business owner, CEO or Managing Director cannot grow a company alone. It takes a team to grow a company. The business Growth Modules program provides an opportunity for you and your executive team to take time out from your business to work on your business. You will learn as a team, develop shared knowledge, and build the skills that your company needs to achieve sustainable and continuous growth.

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To be Eligible for the Growth Modules:

  • The business owner, CEO or Managing Director must have completed an Assessment Clinic

  • The business owner, CEO or Managing Director and up to a max. of 5 executive team members must commit to completing the prep work before Modules, the homework between Modules, and attending all three, three-day Modules

  • The business owner, CEO or Managing Director must be serious about wanting to grow their company

  • Learn how to build a sustainable organisation, finance growth, develop innovative products or services, choose the right marketing and sales strategies, manage yourself as a leader and track and manage externalities that impact your business
  • Bring your executive team and build their knowledge and skills. Learn together and work together to develop your company's growth plans which you will all be responsible for implementing.
  • Formulate a one-year Operational Plan and a three-year Strategic Plan to guide your company to success, based on our Centre's tools and Knowledge Framework for Growth.
  • Stay on track and be held accountable by Growth Experts and peers to implement and execute your plan and do what you say you’re going to do.

What to Expect from the Growth Modules

Before each Module, the business owner, CEO or Managing Director and their executive team are required to complete prep-work. You will be given frameworks and tools which you will use to develop your growth plans. You will be expected to implement what you learned in each module and make changes in your company, your products, customers, marketing, people, systems, and yourself.

During each module you and your executive team will:

  • Learn the 12 ‘Growth Stoppers’ that prevent companies from reaching their growth potential and engage in peer-to-peer discussions facilitated by the Growth Experts about action planning to apply strategies and tactics to overcome these Growth Stoppers.
  • Dive deep into what it takes to build an awesome organisation that can sustain growth.
  • Explore different financing options, learn appropriate marketing and sales strategies, understand how to develop innovative products or services, choose the right growth strategy, anticipate externalities, and learn how to manage yourself as a leader through all four stages of growth.
  • Receive tools and frameworks that help you and your team understand what to do when, why and in what order, so that you can grow your company and build an awesome organisation.
  • Work with your executive team to think big, plan for growth and stay accountable for addressing the problems inhibiting your company’s growth.
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Growth Expert and Peer Accountability to Keep You and Your Team Moving Forward

Like our Assessment Clinics and Growth Ramp, the business Growth Modules program is facilitated by Growth Experts who have started, grown and exited companies themselves, and have a broad base of experience running companies in a range of industries. Generally, three Growth Experts deliver each module and present the 12 ‘Growth Stoppers’ which are based on our Knowledge Framework for Growth and have been identified as major inhibitors to company growth.

During the Growth Modules, you and your executive team will learn what to do when, why, and in what order to lead and manage growth.

Our Growth Experts will review your Planning Memos, one-year operational plan and three-year strategic plan. They will provide feedback on your growth plans, hold you accountable for your progress, and also help you think through and “de-risk” your growth strategies. You will present your “what our team has learned in this module and what are we going to do between now and the next module” action plans to the business owners, CEOs and Managing Directors and executive teams in your Cohort. Two weeks before the next module, you will provide a team video update detailing your execution and progress since the last module. Accountability and reporting on implementation are important aspects of the learning process, as is exposure to other companies using different systems, strategies and tactics to achieve their growth goals.

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Your Investment

The cost for the business owner, CEO or Managing Director and two executives to attend all three, three-day Growth Modules is $38,250 (excl. GST) per company. This fee also provides each participant with access to our tools, resources and growth content for a year after completion of the program. Some scholarships and subsidies are available for eligible companies.

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$38,250 Cost exclusive of GST. Some subsidies/scholarships available to eligible companies. Learn more below.

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    Questions about the Growth Modules?

    If you have questions or need more information about the business Growth Modules program, such as eligibility requirements, alternative dates or locations, costs, scholarships, or payment options, we will be happy to speak with you and answer your questions.

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