Execute & Grow

Execute & Grow is a program designed for business owners, CEOs or Managing Directors and their teams who have completed the Growth Modules program and want to continue to grow, with guidance from the Centre and our Growth Experts. This program will help you implement and execute what you have learnt and address growth issues facing your company, with support from our Growth Experts and a peer group.

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To be eligible for the Execute & Grow Program, the CEO, Managing Director or Business owner must first:

  • Have completed the Growth Modules program

  • Commit to completing the prep work before the modules, the homework between sessions and attending both two-day modules

  • Be serious about wanting to execute this year’s plan and develop next year’s plan to grow their company

Benefits of the Execute & Grow program

  • Continued development of your, and your team’s, leadership skills, capacity, and capability to execute and grow your company.
  • Continued accountability for making difficult decisions regarding strategy and people.
  • Deadlines, timelines, and high expectations around your company’s growth and performance.
  • Continued access to Growth Experts who have a wealth of knowledge and information they are willing to share to help you grow.
  • Structured opportunities for peer learning with other growth companies and your team.
  • Access to AUCBG’s online Learning Management Systems with tools, resources and additional content that provide knowledge about growth that can be shared with your team and employees, plus Dr. Jana Refreshers to reinforce your learnings.
  • Preferred access to the Centre’s programs and resources.

What to Expect

Two, two-day modules for the business owner, CEO or Managing Director and two members of each executive team* – exclusively available to Growth Modules program Alumni. The two-day modules, offered six months apart, are structured opportunities to learn with other company teams who also want to scale. Day one includes structured reflections on the decisions, activities and outcomes achieved over the past few months, Growth Expert commentary, mixed team discussions, and a tool to help prepare you for the opportunities and risks that lie ahead this year and next. Day two includes team meetings in the morning, and company team presentations with critiques in the afternoon.

In addition to the two modules, you will have two, one-hour Growth Expert coaching sessions between modules. These sessions can be by phone or face-to-face (if the Growth Expert is in your city). The sessions can be with the whole team or with the CEO alone. The issues discussed might be challenges you are facing in executing your growth plan; leading, managing, or changing people; delegating; communicating; keeping the team on track; what to do about a difficult customer; a partner issue; how to respond to a potential investor; or issues around “managing me”.

Teams will receive preferred access to Masterclasses and workshops the Centre offers; access to online tools, mini-modules on the Performance-Values Matrix and Five Levels of Delegation; invitations to Dr. Jana webinars; advance access to AUCBG articles and research reports; as well as advance access to new tools and resources the Centre is developing, based on the Knowledge Framework for Growth.

Your Investment

The cost for the business owner, CEO or Managing Director and two executives to attend two, two-day Execute & Grow modules is $20,000 (excl. GST) per company. This fee also provides each participant with access to our tools, resources and growth content for a year after completion of the program. Some scholarships and subsidies are available for eligible companies.

$20,000 Cost exclusive of GST. Some subsidies/scholarships available to eligible companies. Learn more below.

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    Questions about Execute & Grow?

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