James Patten

Growth Expert

James Patten was the co-founder of Ry.com.au, Australia’s largest online skin, hair and beauty emporium. Together with business partner Bradley Carr, James entered the online commerce realm in 2007 with Ry.com.au. Starting out in the staff room of a hair salon with a tumble dryer as a table, the pair were the first to sell big brands ghd and Redken online to the Australian consumer.

James ventured into his second project in a different segment of consumer products and launched kitchenwaresuperstore.com.au in 2011. After guiding the business for three years James successfully exited the kitchenware business in 2014 when is was acquired by a leading competitor.
RY.COM.AU grew to stock over 250 brands and employed over 75 staff. James acquired a larger segment of the online beauty market with the purchase of Facial Co and later in 2016 acquired brand Lulu + Lipstick. James is fascinated by consumer behaviour and passionate about improving the customer journey by studying the how and why behind online shopping. In August 2017 Ry.com.au was acquired by Europe’s biggest online commerce group The Hut Group.


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Explore our business growth programs

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