Dr Moira Smith

Growth Expert

Dr Moira Smith is the founder and former Managing Director of Waterfall Solutions Limited, a specialist UK Defence company which supplied processing technology and equipment for governments and corporate clients worldwide. After being sold in 2010, Moira continued as the MD for another year to assist with business integration and growth.

Since then, Moira’s focus has been on her passion for bringing new technologies to market by applying her engineering and business expertise. In doing so, Moira has worked closely with many companies, organisations and Universities – helping them to realise their potential. Moira is also the Director of a specialist technology company where she maintains hands-on design and implementation activities.

From mentoring and investing in start-ups (e.g. in the ANZ Innovyz START program in Adelaide) to formulating innovation and technology strategies with clients, Moira has experience in working across diverse market sectors. Most recently, she was a core founding team member of the UK’s Connected Digital Economy Catapult: a multi-million GBP government initiative to bring rapid benefits to the UK’s digital innovators and digital economy.

As a keen supporter of start-up businesses, Moira is an Executive Director of London’s TechEntrepreneursWeek – an event which brings the technology, angel and VC communities together each year and provides a global platform for new business and product launches. Moira is also an active investor in small businesses, a member of the Surrey 100 Club, and in partnership with others has started several online companies.

Passionate about education and training, Moira is a Visiting Lecturer at Surrey University where she teaches Technical Entrepreneurship to final year Science and Engineering students and supports Business School activities.

A Chartered Engineer, Moira has a first degree in Avionics and a PhD in Complex Software System Design and Validation.

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Explore our business growth programs

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