Ann Angel

Growth Expert

Ann Angel has a 25-year business background with international experience introducing new products to new markets. She has been part of the management team in several Australian start-up technology companies in addition to establishing Asia Pacific distribution networks for a US technology company. Ann established her own medical device company in 1998, which has gained international recognition for introducing a new product to treat breast cancer patients. This product is now distributed around the world. She has particular skills in market entry strategy and distribution chain management.

Ann has a particular interest in medical device regulations, with experience in navigating this process in several countries including an appeal process with the US Food and Drug Administration. She has managed product development/manufacturing for several new products, with an emphasis on low-cost product development to gain market feedback. She has one approved patent and one pending patent application.

Her background includes work as an Investment Manager for SA early-stage VC Playford Capital and she is currently a Commercialisation Advisor for the Federal Government grants program, Accelerating Commercialisation, and a facilitator for the women’s network Behind Closed Doors.

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Explore our business growth programs

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