Key milestone for job-creating Assessment Clinic

Premium custom graphics company, SKDA Moto Creative, has become the 400th South Australian company to participate in a world-leading business growth Assessment Clinic, partially funded by the South Australian Government.

Run through UniSA’s Australian Centre for Business Growth (AUCBG), the one-day Assessment Clinics are designed to help owners, CEOs or Managing Directors of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) learn the essential skills needed to lead, manage, and accelerate the growth of their companies.

The Centre helps businesses make decisions such as what products and services to offer which customer and at what price; which systems to put in place to support people and enable the organisation to be more productive; what people to hire, and what type of funding is best to fuel rapid growth.

South Australian companies that have completed the Centre’s business growth programs have added an extra 1,632 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs in the SME company sector.

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400th Assessment Clinic company in SA

The 400th company to complete the one-day Assessment Clinic, SKDA Moto Creative, specialises in designing and manufacturing high-end visual enhancement products for motorcycles and caters to customers across Australia, North America and Europe.

Their products are designed for a range of motorcycle brands, including Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Suzuki and more.

“The Centre provided me with actionable steps to achieve sustainable growth in the years ahead,” says Sam Morton, SKDA Moto Creative Founder and Director.

“I am extremely critical of how I use my available time – but the Assessment Clinic was a full day of development I needed and was well and truly worth the eight hours.

“It helped highlight for me some noticeable shortfalls in my current business operations that are now major opportunities to better prepare and build for the future.

“I strongly recommend the Centre and its programs to anyone who is considering growing their business.”

In addition to Assessment Clinics, the Centre offers Growth Ramps and Growth Modules, partially subsidised by the South Australian Government, to eligible business owners, Managing Directors and CEOs of SMEs.

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Helping to grow SA companies

Minister for Small and Family Business Andrea Michaels MP says she is passionate about small businesses and their significant contributions to our local economy and community.

“It’s great to see so many companies growing and flourishing under the expert guidance of the Australian Centre for Business Growth, with funding provided by the South Australian Government,” says Minister Michaels.

“The Malinauskas Labor Government is committed to supporting small businesses succeed, thrive and grow. That’s why we recently launched the Office for Small and Family Business and the development of a Small Business Strategy for South Australia in consultation with the local small business community.”

Dr Jana Matthews, ANZ Chair in Business Growth and Director of the Australian Centre for Business Growth says she is grateful for the South Australian Government’s ongoing support, as a foundation partner of the Centre, helping us to grow companies and boost the State’s economic performance,” says.

“70 per cent of the companies that complete an Assessment Clinic add at least one job within the following 12 months, and over a third (35 per cent) add five or more jobs – so SKDA is in great company as it embarks upon its next phase of growth.

“We look forward to unlocking the growth potential of many more SA companies.”

In 2020-21, 104 South Australian companies that responded to the Centre’s longitudinal study reported an additional $275 million in revenue to the state economy, which represents a 40 per cent revenue growth, year-on-year.

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