Preparing Agribusiness Leaders for Growth Key to Sector’s Ongoing Prosperity

More than 20 leading primary producers from across New South Wales will take part in the first ANZ Agribusiness Growth Seminar in Wagga Wagga next week. This seminar is part of a specially designed Agribusiness program designed to enable agribusiness owners to learn how to grow, scale, and capitalise on the strong domestic and international demand for Australian-produced agricultural goods.

While previous iterations of the highly successful ANZ Business Growth Program have been sector agnostic, the sheer size of Australian agriculture’s opportunity and the importance of developing the next generation of agribusiness leaders, have led to the bespoke ANZ Agribusiness Growth Seminar.

ANZ Head of Agribusiness, Mark Bennett, who will participate in the seminar said, “As the demand for Australian agriculture increases, agribusinesses will need to become more comfortable with technological innovations, develop more efficient value chains, understand how to market to new customers, consider new forms of finance, and provide a different kind of leadership.

“Farmers and agribusiness managers should also assess their own management, operational skills and expertise to ensure they are best positioned to capture new opportunities to evolve and grow their businesses.”

Designed and delivered by ANZ Chair in Business Growth Dr Jana Matthews, the ANZ Agribusiness Growth Seminar continues the original Growth Program’s mission: to enable owners and executives to develop as leaders, learn how to accelerate company growth, and compete in a global marketplace.

Dr Matthews said the seminar is being designed to encourage agribusiness owners to lead a growth company. They will work with Agribusiness growth experts to analyse their company data, challenge assumptions, explore new market opportunities, stress test their organisation, engage in peer learning, and begin planning for the future.

“Many farmers and agribusiness owners are passionate about what they do, but too few have the knowledge and skills required to change business models, implement new technologies and adopt new growth strategies. This seminar will provide participants with new perspectives on their business, will challenge their current mode of operation and leadership, and will provide the knowledge and skills they need to be able to grow, scale, and enter international markets,” Dr Matthews said.

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Notes to the editor:

Media are invited to attend the closing session of the ANZ Agribusiness Growth Seminar. Dr Matthews and Mr Bennett will be available post-event for interview.

What: ANZ Agribusiness Growth Seminar

When: Monday 31 July 2017

4:50pm – 5:15pm (interviews to follow)

Where: Mercure Wagga Wagga

1-15 Morgan Street, Wagga Wagga

ANZ Media Release

July 27, 2017