Recording: Ask Dr. Jana – How do I “manage me” while growing my company

Recording: See the recording of this webinar

View this ZOOM Q&A session hosted by Dr Jana Matthews – an international expert on entrepreneurial leadership and business growth and the Director of the Australian Centre for Business Growth – and featuring guest CEOs.

Guest CEOs

1. Natalie Bell – Associated Advertising and Promotions

2. Max Nicholson – Winnellie Hydraulics

3. Darren Lynch – OOSeven Jetski Adventures, Bella Pasta, Wharf One, The Precinct Tavern

In this recorded Zoom session you’ll view a short tutorial outlining the topic and hear from CEOs about their experiences in the field. 

About the program

The Immediate Business Acceleration Program is targeted at business owners, chief executive officers and managing directors of small and medium companies to help them rebound strongly from the recent Territory lockdown. The program provides Territory business owners and managers with expert advice on how to manage their company’s resources during external disruptions like the pandemic, and offers examples of how other owners and managers have turned a crisis into an opportunity positioning their companies for future growth.

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