Growing Queensland's Companies Program

Intensive business growth program that enables CEOs/MDs and executives of QLD-based companies to identify growth opportunities, overcome business challenges, and drive competitive advantage.

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Advance Queensland The Growing Queensland’s Companies program is an Advance Queensland initiative funded by the Queensland Government and being delivered by the Australian Centre for Business Growth.

Program Overview

The Growing Queensland’s Companies Program consists of two parts: the Growth Clinic or ‘Five Ways to Accelerate Growth’ Workshop for the CEO/MD only and the Growth Modules for the CEO/MD plus two members of the executive team (three, three-day modules, over approximately a nine-month period). The program is underpinned by our Knowledge Framework for Growth – our guiding framework that enables CEOs/MDs and executives to understand how their company works and the changes they need to make to grow their company.

Our secret sauce is our integrated and comprehensive Knowledge Framework for Growth, which underpins the knowledge and skills CEOs/MDs and executives need to know to grow their company. Our Framework will help you understand what you need to do, when, and in what order to grow your company and enable you to develop a strategic framework for making decisions, formulating strategies and implementing organisational change. The framework consists of six parts, plus strategy across all components:

Products and Services
What to sell and how to design it, develop and manufacture it.

Marketing and Sales
Who to sell to, at what price, using which channels

Dealing with Externalities
Tracking things that impact your business over which you have no control

Building the Organisation
How to build an organisation that represents your values but can operate without you

Financing Growth
When to take on debt or equity, from whom, under what conditions

Managing yourself as a Leader
How to keep growing as a leader and person throughout your whole life


About The Growth Clinic

CEOs/MDs of QLD-based companies with 5-200 full-time employees.

Program Fee:
The Queensland Government are fully subsidising the Growth Clinic (normally $5,000 excl GST) for 245 CEOs/MDs.

One-day (9am – 5pm).  Located in Brisbane or regional Queensland where specified.

What You Can Expect

Based on our Knowledge Framework for Growth, learn from and work with Growth Experts (all of whom have started, grown and exited their own companies) to understand what happens during growth, how your role changes as CEO/MD, responsibilities as a leader, and what you can do to fast-track growth.

Identify what is preventing growth in your company and what you can do to accelerate growth. The Growth Experts will review your Growth Clinic prep-work, provide feedback, and help you develop a Company Growth Action Plan as well as a personal Leadership Development Plan.

Connect with other like-minded CEOs/MDs of small and medium companies attending the Clinic; learn from each other’s experiences; discuss your company’s inhibitors and opportunities as well as the results of your pre-Growth Clinic diagnostic with the Growth Experts and your peers.

Use our comprehensive Action Planner with growth content, tools and resources to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Gain access to growth refresher content after you attend the Growth Clinic which is designed to keep you on track with your goals.


QLD-based CEOs/MDs have attended a Growth Clinic


Of participants would recommend the Growth Clinic to other CEOs/MDs*


Say they now understand their growth issues and what they need to do about growth*


Now believe their company has opportunities and the potential to accelerate its growth.*

*Of those who attended a Growth Clinic in FY18 and responded to our request for an evaluation.

Who We've Worked With

Jim Allen, Allens Training

Jim Allen CEO

“I can't explain what this session has given me. I always thought that there must be a better way of doing business instead of it being like pulling teeth. In one day, clarity and a structure for growth was explained. It's like magic for your sanity as a business owner or CEO. It’s not theory of business, its practical solutions to real business issues.”

Ann Maree Liddy, CheckUP

Ann Maree Liddy CEO

“It is a very useful opportunity to reflect on the growth journey of your organisation and your role as leader. You will come away from the Clinic with a useful set of tools and resources that will assist you to formulate an action plan to guide your next steps.”

Shane O’Donnell, Cooroy Pest Control

Shane O'Donnell General Manager / Business Owner

“This is an essential day to focus and kick start your business growth. I found it very well structured. The depth of insights from the Growth Experts was exceptional - they were forward thinking, pragmatic and were very happy to share from their experiences for my benefit.”

Carl Valentine, PVW Partners

Carl Valentine Partner

“My time was very well spent at the Growth Clinic. It became clear that I need to change my delegation style and create capacity to spend time on the things that will positively contribute to growth. I plan on sharing everything I learnt at the Clinic with my team and to work more on planning, then executing!”

About The Growth Modules

CEOs/MDs and Executives of QLD-based companies with 5-200 full-time employees.

Program Fee:
The Queensland Government are partially subsidising the Growth Modules for a limited number of QLD companies with 5 – 200 FTE employees. In 2019, the subsidised cost for the CEO/MD plus two executives to attend all three, three-day modules is $12,750 excl GST. The usual cost of the Growth Modules is $38,250 (excl GST) per company.

Three, three day modules, over nine months.

What You Can Expect

Based on our Knowledge Framework for Growth, learn from and work with Growth Experts (all of whom have started, grown and exited their own companies) on what you can do to lead, manage and accelerate business growth. Dive deep into what it takes to build a strong organisation that can sustain growth, explore different financing options, choose appropriate marketing and sales strategies, understand how to develop innovative products or services, learn how to track externalities that impact your business, and how to manage yourself as a leader through all four stages of growth.

The Growth Modules are for the CEO/MD who attended the Growth Clinic plus at least two additional members of his or her Executive Team. Attend the program together, learn together, plan together and then execute growth plans together to keep your company aligned and moving up the growth curve.

Participate in a dynamic and interactive learning environment, with up to 10 other small and medium companies. Listen to expert presentations, participate in peer-to-peer learning and group discussions, then develop growth Action Plans based on your learning. Finish off each module by working together with your Executive Team to align and set your company’s growth goals for the next few months, and then report to the Growth Experts and other program participants on what you are going to do to grow the company between now and the next module – outlining time-frames, resources, and who is responsible for each goal. You are then held accountable for your progress in between modules.

Our program has a built-in accountability process to help you and your Executive Team stay on track in achieving your growth goals. Our Growth Experts hold you accountable for your progress between modules, provide feedback on your growth plans, and help you “de-risk” your growth strategies to support your company’s success.

Use our comprehensive Learning Journal with growth content, tools and resources to record notes, create action plans and identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Gain access to growth refresher content including webinars, interactive tools, and fortnightly “Dr Jana Refresher” emails to help you stay on track with your growth goals.


Executives have participated in the Growth Modules


Revenue increase*


Profit increase*


FTE jobs created*

*Aggregate results from 10 companies that completed the Growth Modules in FY18

Who We've Worked With

Craig Kinross, MPower MSL

Craig Kinross Managing Director & CEO

“Be prepared to learn, work as a team, and challenge the way you are doing things. You will take away a framework for reviewing your business and a team motivated to embrace growth. I highly recommend the program. Where else can you get independent experts to provide mentoring on the approach to your company's opportunities and challenges!”

Ann Maree Liddy, CheckUP

Ann Maree Liddy CEO

"I would highly recommend participating in the Growth Modules. The combination of content, access to experts and networking with like-minded organisations is valuable and not easily available through any other mechanisms/training”.

Les Tillack, Luina Bio

Les Tillack CEO

“The Growth Modules provided the opportunity for our executive team to collect and align our thoughts, and provided tools and frameworks to start to plan for success. They are a useful investment if you are serious about committing to the growth process.”