ANZ Business Growth Program

An essential tool for CEOs, the ANZ Business Growth Program is a unique initiative that helps small and medium companies unlock their growth potential by identifying new opportunities and tackling existing challenges.

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Program Overview

The ANZ Business Growth Program consists of three parts (available only to ANZ Business Customers): the Growth Seminar (for CEOs/MDs); the Assessment Clinic (for CEOs/MDs); and the Growth Modules (for CEOs/MDs plus 2 members of their executive team). The program provides CEOs/MDs and executives with the knowledge and skills they need to lead, manage and accelerate company growth. The ANZ Business Growth program is underpinned by our Knowledge Framework for Growth – our guiding framework that enables CEOs/MDs and executives to understand how their company works and the changes they need to make to grow their company.

Our secret sauce is our integrated and comprehensive Knowledge Framework for Growth, which underpins the knowledge and skills CEOs/MDs and executives need to know to grow their company. Our Framework will help you understand what you need to do, when, and in what order to grow your company and enable you to develop a strategic framework for making decisions, formulating strategies and implementing organisational change. The framework consists of six parts, plus strategy – and all of these topics are covered throughout the ANZ Business Growth Program.

Products and Services
What to sell and how to design it, develop and manufacture it.

Marketing and Sales
Who to sell to, at what price, using which channels.

Dealing with Externalities
Tracking things that impact your business over which you have no control.

Building the Organisation
How to build an organisation that represents your values but can operate without you.

Financing Growth
When to take on debt or equity, from whom, under what conditions.

Managing yourself as a Leader
How to keep growing as a leader and person throughout your whole life.


About The ANZ Business Growth Seminars

Who should attend:
CEOs/MDs and Executives of small and medium companies.

No cost to attend.

8:30am – 3:00pm.

What You Can Expect

Learn the “5 Ways to Accelerate Growth”, based on our integrated Knowledge Framework for Growth. Dr Jana Matthews will discuss the roles and responsibilities of a leader during growth, how to choose the right growth strategy, questions you must be able to answer as a leader and more!

Develop an action plan for growth, based on your key learnings and takeaways from the seminar. Use key tools and resources provided by the Australian Centre for Business Growth to determine what you need to do to grow your company.

Discuss the challenges of growth with other CEOs at the Seminar, and hear a panel of ANZ Business Growth Program Alumni talk about their growth journey. Make connections with fellow attendees and learn from each other’s experiences through facilitated group discussions and action planning.

About the Assessment Clinic

CEOs/MDs of ANZ Business Customer companies with $5M -$50M in revenue.

Program Fee:
Fully subsidised for ANZ Business Customers (normally $5,000 excl GST per company).
*Non-ANZ Business Customers can refer to Our Programs for other program options.

9am – 1pm, followed by a one-hour call with a Growth Expert

What You Can Expect

Based on our Knowledge Framework for Growth, learn from and work with Growth Experts (all of whom have started, grown and exited their own companies) to understand what happens during growth, how your role changes as CEO/MD, responsibilities as a leader, and what you can do to fast-track growth.

Identify what is preventing growth in your company and what you can do to accelerate growth. Develop an Action Plan for company growth as well as Leadership Development Plan, and then receive feedback and advice on them from the Growth Experts.

Connect with other like-minded CEOs/MDs of small and medium companies attending the Clinic; learn from each other’s experiences; and discuss your company’s inhibitors and opportunities. Then, discuss your results from the pre-Assessment Clinic diagnostic, your Action Plan for Growth and personal Leadership Development Plan with a Growth Expert during a one-hour call.

Use our comprehensive Action Planner with growth content, tools and resources to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Gain access to growth refresher content after the Assessment Clinic which is designed to keep you on track with your goals.


CEOs have attended an Assessment Clinic


of participants would recommend the Assessment Clinic to other CEOs


of CEOs believe the Assessment Clinic enabled them to understand their company’s growth issues and what they need to do about them


of CEOs now believe their company has opportunities to accelerate growth

Who we've worked with

Lee Munro, Styling Services

Lee Munro Managing Director

“The Clinic was an excellent opportunity to stop, look and assess my business and myself as a leader. With the assistance of the experts who had vast experience in business growth, I was able to validate that I was on the right path to growth, improve my leadership and learn the skills and knowledge required to take my business to the next level.”

David Worth, Go Natural

David Worth CEO

“The Clinic was a tremendous opportunity to reflect on the future of our business and impediments to growth. Rather than leaving with an idea of what we needed to grow, I left with an action plan for growth. I realised that I need to spend more time on business strategy, work with my team to re-set our company’s vision and make bold decisions that will lead to rapid growth.”

Rod Hayes, Balance Services Group

Rod Hayes CEO

"The structure and nature of the program, and the quality of the experts and the participants, provide a great platform to think and re-think what you are doing in your business."

Ben Woodhouse, Maxum Foods

Ben Woodhouse Director

“During the Clinic, I was able to get a better understanding of what stage our business was at in its life cycle and my changing role as CEO through the different stages. I would recommend the Clinic to other CEOs – particularly those navigating the early stages of their company’s growth.”

About the Growth Modules

ANZ Business Customer companies with $5M – $50M in revenue. The CEO/MD plus two executives per company are required to participate in the Growth Modules.

Program Fee:
Fully subsidised for ANZ Business Customers (normally $38,250 excl GST per company).
*Non-ANZ Business Customers can refer to Our Programs for other program options.

Three, three day modules, delivered over approximately nine months.

What You Can Expect

Based on our Knowledge Framework for Growth, learn from and work with Growth Experts (all of whom have started, grown and exited their own companies) on what you can do to lead, manage and accelerate business growth. Dive deep into what it takes to build a strong organisation that can sustain growth, explore different financing options, choose appropriate marketing and sales strategies, understand how to develop innovative products or services, learn how to track externalities that impact your business, and how to manage yourself as a leader through all four stages of growth.

The Growth Modules are for the CEO/MD who attended the Assessment Clinic plus at least two additional members of his or her Executive Team. Attend the program together, learn together, plan together and then execute growth plans together to keep your company aligned and moving up the growth curve.

Participate in a dynamic and interactive learning environment, with up to 10 other small and medium companies. Listen to expert presentations, participate in peer-to-peer learning and group discussions, then develop growth Action Plans based on your learning. Finish off each module by working together with your Executive Team to align and set your company’s growth goals for the next few months, and then report to the Growth Experts and other program participants on what you are going to do to grow the company between now and the next module –outlining time-frames, resources, and who is responsible for each goal. You are then held accountable for your progress in between modules.

Our program has a built-in accountability process to help you and your Executive Team stay on track in achieving your growth goals. Our Growth Experts hold you accountable for your progress between modules, provide feedback on your growth plans, and help you “de-risk” your growth strategies to support your company’s success.

Use our comprehensive Learning Journal with growth content, tools and resources to record notes, create action plans and identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Gain access to growth refresher content including webinars, interactive tools, and fortnightly “Dr Jana Refresher” emails to help you stay on track with your growth goals.


Executives have attended the Growth Modules


Revenue increase*


Profit increase*


Jobs created*

*48 month aggregate results from 9 of the first 10 companies who started the ANZ Business Growth program in 2014/15.

Who We've Worked With

Karen Tsonidis, Energetiks

Karen Tsonidis CEO

“The program was mind-blowingly amazing. We were provided with tools we’d never seen before, and it’s completely changed the way that we operate our business. Absolutely every tool and piece of knowledge we were given has helped us to grow way beyond what we thought was possible. We literally applied everything we’d been taught. We couldn’t ignore it.”

Chris Short, Dominant

Chris Short CEO

“The program was fantastic in giving us mechanisms we needed to find the right strategy for growth. In any organisation it’s difficult to figure out the best way to grow both the top and bottom line of your business - and this program has been fantastic in providing what we were missing to achieve this. This is a program you cannot underestimate, it has well exceeded my expectations.”

Eral Aykutyan, Pixel Technologies

Eral Aykutyan Managing Director

“I look back and realise I was thinking too small and trying to do too much by myself. We were provided the knowledge, frameworks, tools and strategies CEOs and executives need to understand how to lead and manage growth. I highly recommend this program to any CEO who wants to learn how to grow.”

Wayne Gerard, RedEye Apps

Wayne Gerard Co-Founder and CEO

“The program was great, our lead team took away so many practical ideas that we have actioned in our business. Our business grew from 9 to more than 30 staff in 7 months, thanks to Dr Jana Matthews and her team.”