Chris Gorry

Growth Expert

Chris Gorry is a highly accomplished business leader who has been working in the IT industry for more than 30 years, including 22 as a CEO. Notably, he founded, grew and sold Avand, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company.

Since Avand’s successful sale, Chris has been a sought-after consultant to large international conglomerates and medium to small businesses on strategy, mergers and acquisitions, business structure along with product development.

Chris has had a positive impact on many businesses working with senior management, so they have a greater understanding of their target market and a sound strategy for profitable growth.

Chris is an engaging and respected chairman of several companies. He has a solid understanding and experience in business restructuring and processes. Combined with strong negotiation and people skills, he is a trusted, respected business leader.

Explore our business growth programs

Explore our business growth programs

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