Recording: ANZ Webinar – Marketing and Sales

Recording: See the recording of this webinar

At this webinar, hear discussions led by Dr Jana Matthews, ANZ Chair in Business Growth, about ‘What does a CEO do, when it comes to marketing and sales’:

  • What is the difference between marketing and sales?
  • How can you identify your 3Cs and 4Ps?
  • Tips to help you get your marketing right for sales success.

Hear Dr Jana Matthews and graduate CEOs from the ANZ Business Growth Program discussed ‘Marketing and sales…in that order‘ .

Read about Dr Jana’s latest article: ‘Marketing and sales…in that order’.

About ANZ webinars

This free seminar and webinar is perfect for CEOs, Managing Directors and business owners looking to grow but unsure how to progress to the next level and is open to both ANZ customers and non-ANZ customers.

Pathway to sustainable growth

During the seminars and webinars, renowned growth expert Dr Jana Matthews will cover:

  • Questions you must be able to answer as a leader
  • Different responsibilities as a leader during growth
  • Knowledge Framework for Growth
  • How to choose the right growth strategy
  • Tactics for sustainable growth

Key takeaways

  • A clear plan for sustainable growth
  • Practical tools to identify growth opportunities
  • Access to mentoring and networks
  • Shared accountability for success