Business Growth Programs

Explore our world-class programs that have enabled hundreds of Australian companies to maximise their growth potential and plan for success.

Assessment Clinic

Globally recognised business growth content, relevant to your business, presented by a Growth Expert.

Attended by a group of four business owners, CEOs or Managing Directors, the Assessment Clinic is a combination of presentation and interaction facilitated by a Growth Expert who has started, grown and exited a successful company.

The Assessment Clinic is built on the Knowledge Framework for Growth developed by the Centre’s founder, Dr Jana Matthews, who has researched and worked extensively with growth companies around the world.

The tools, strategies and techniques derived from this framework help business owners, CEOs and Managing Directors to understand what they need to do to grow their business, become better leaders, and expand into new markets.

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"It is a very useful opportunity to reflect on the growth journey of your organisation and your role as leader. You will come away from the Clinic with a useful set of tools and resources that will assist you to formulate an action plan to guide your next steps.”

Ann Maree Liddy
Chief Executive Officer, CheckUP

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“The Assessment Clinic challenges CEOs to think deeply about the performance of their organisation and the factors that are holding back improved performance. The excellent facilitation and open dialogue with other attending CEOs helps to identify issues and develop an action plan. I would highly recommend the Assessment Clinic to CEOs and business owners.”

David Hart
CEO, Dematec

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1100+ CEOs/MDs have attended a Clinic across Australia
15 Major cities and regional locations
95% CEOs/MDs would recommend the Clinic
94% CEOs/MDs agreed the Clinic helped business growth

^^From one-year results of 256 companies who have participated in our programs and responded to our FY21 Growth Tracker Survey

Growth Ramp

Most people start companies, expecting them to grow – and some do…. up to a point. But learning to drive growth is a bit like learning to drive a car – some things are obvious, but many things aren’t, including when to shift into a higher gear, go fast, or slow down.

Our business Growth Ramp program is similar to a driver’s education program – we give you the knowledge and skills you need to drive.

Our Growth Experts can teach you what to do, what not do, and how to drive growth – but you have to practice what they teach and get yourself ready for the growth journey.

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“I look back and realise I was thinking too small and trying to do too much by myself. Dr Matthews began the program with a description of the growth curve, the roles and responsibilities of the CEO, and the changes required as we began to grow. She and the Growth Experts provided the knowledge, frameworks, tools and strategies CEOs need to understand how to lead and manage growth. I highly recommend this program to any CEO who wants to learn how to grow.”

Eral Aykutyan
Managing Director, Pixel Technologies

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"The Growth Modules is an amazing program. It has excellently reinforced how we need to prioritise planning, make time away from being “in the business” to work “on the business”, and put in place a series of tactics and strategies that will enable us to reach our larger goal. The combination of tools and frameworks that are provided to help grow a business, the experience of the Growth Experts, and participating with other companies, has really changed the way I think about planning and prioritising goals. It has opened my eyes to the many ways we can grow our company and make it even better!”

Veronica Tziavrangos
Co-Founder, Move for Better Health

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989 CEOs/MDs & executives have participated in Modules
219 Companies have graduated from Modules since 2014
99% CEOs/MDs & executives would recommend Modules

^^From one-year results of 256 companies who have participated in our programs and responded to our FY21 Growth Tracker Survey

Growth Modules

In the business Growth Modules program, learn how to overcome business challenges, plan for growth and drive competitive advantage with the help of our Growth Experts, in three intensive modules delivered over a nine-month period.

The Growth Modules are for business owners, CEOs or Managing Directors, plus two executive team members, who are seeking to accelerate growth and maximise business success. They learn that products and markets are important – but there’s a lot more they need to know if they want to scale their business. Risk management, strategy, organisation, finance, leadership, and “managing me” are also required to sustain growth.

In addition to the 10X Challenge (growing a company to 10X its current size in 5 years), the structured program includes presentations, small group discussions, think time, and requires participants to apply the learning to their individual companies.

At each module, the business owners, CEOs or Managing Directors, and at least two members of their executive team, take a deep dive into their business and develop their own strategies for growth. Expert presentations, discussions and peer-to-peer learning are balanced with time to work together on their own three-month, one-year, and three-year growth plan.

Our Growth Experts hold teams accountable for achieving their goals and help them stay on track throughout the nine-month period.

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How our programs are different

Frameworks to guide business growth

The Centre’s frameworks provide the wholistic perspective necessary for sustained company growth. They describe the stages of company growth, the changing roles of the CEO and executive team, the responsibilities of a leader, levels of delegation, evaluating employees’ performance, and the elements of an awesome organisation.

The Knowledge Framework for Growth is comprised of six elements and is applicable to all companies:

  • Products and Services
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Dealing with Externalities
  • Building the Organisation
  • Financing Growth
  • Managing Yourself as a Leader

Learn with your executive team

One person cannot grow a company alone. Growth requires a team effort, and it’s essential that all members of the team wholeheartedly believe in the mission, values, vision, strategy and the plan.

Business owners, CEOs and Managing Directors, and their team, need to learn the growth concepts together, be challenged by Growth Experts, and be exposed to other companies using different systems, strategies and tactics to grow. This is why our business Growth Modules are designed for the business leader and their executive team.

The business Growth Modules program is a unique opportunity to get away from the business and spend time with your executive team – and other company teams.

Our Growth Experts teach you how to think holistically about all aspects of your company – from people to strategy, systems to finance, products to customers. They teach you how, then challenge you to think bigger. They hold you and your team accountable for doing what you say you’ll do to address the problems inhibiting growth. All this will be reflected in the three-year growth plan that each team presents at the end of Module 3.

Focus on growth

All of our programs are focused on business growth. All the presentations, tools, frameworks, advice and counsel are focused on helping you and your team learn what to do when, why and in what order, so that you can grow your company.

There are many reasons why CEOs and executive teams come to our programs. Their company may have grown too fast and lost a lot of money; they want to grow, but don’t want that to happen again. The company may have grown, then stalled because it did not have the right people and infrastructure to sustain growth. The company may not be growing, and no one can figure out why.

Sometimes the issues are external, other times they are related to the product/customer fit, marketing/sales, or money. But at least half the time the issues are related to how the CEO and executive team lead, plan and whether they are building an awesome organisation.

Our programs, and in particular our Growth Modules, help the whole team unlock their company’s growth potential and grow as leaders and managers as well.